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Home-cooked Meal? Yay or Nay!

It is no secret just how healthy and happy a homecooked meal can make us. Nothing can beat the warm homecooked meal. Another open secret is our shared love for delectable food, and with all the ongoing festivities, a feast is a must. Given the circumstances, cooking a meal at home does sound like a plan. We, at Debon, believe that any dish prepared with love and fresh ingredients is unbeatable and, there are also many added benefits to it. Let’s take a look

Care to share a meal?

A family that eats together stays together. The secret to a happy bond is the gossips shared over meals. Especially for the once staying away from their families, call over your near and dear ones and cook them a heartwarming meal. The smiles you will receive will be worth the efforts put in.

Less time-consuming

When in a hurry, grabbing a quick meal at an eatery seem like a time-saving solution. In reality, it costs you more time than you realize. You may ask how? Well, right from deciding what you want to eat and then waiting for the meal to arrive takes more time than you can save by fixing a quick meal for yourself at home (or you can simply opt for a healthier alternative which is our ready to cook and ready to eat meal options). Whereas, cooking at home, all you have to worry about is fixing a quick meal for yourself.

Less pressure on your pockets

Eating from outside also puts your pocket under pressure. Do you know when you eat at a restaurant you end up paying more than what that food costs! When you cook at home, all you spend is on procuring the grocery.

Fresh ingredients equal to Healthy meal

When cooking at home, we are in control. Let’s face it the base of any good meal is its ingredients. Fresh ingredients automatically mean a tastier and healthier meal.

With this said, all we have to worry about is the groceries mentioned above. After all, fresh groceries are the key to a delicious meal. Don't worry we've got you covered (at least the ones residing in Noida/Delhi NCR). Get all your grocery needs at ours and you will never have to worry about freshness and quality.


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